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The Office of Income Maintenance administers PA Public Assistance, Food Stamps and Medicaid through eligibility programs at the County Assistance Office in each of the sixty-seven (67) counties.  The County Assistance Office determines eligibility administers the programs and provides information and referral to human services programs that offer services throughout the County.


Program Name: Food Stamps                                     Contact: Help Desk 

This is a federally funded program, which helps individuals and families meet the cost of purchasing food items.  As in cash assistance, benefits are provided through Electronic Benefits Transfer.  They are redeemable at participating food stores using EBT cards, which operates similar to our ATM card. Persons interested in this service must apply in their county of residence.  The amount of benefits received is based on the household size and net income.

Program Name: Low-Income Home Energy              Contact: Energy Assistance
                              Assistance Program                          570-621-3072 or 570-621-3078

This program provides help in meeting the cost of heating fuel during the winter months based on specific eligibility criteria.  Availability of application forms and the annual start date of this service are announced in various news media.

Program Name: Cash Assistance                                            Contact: Help Desk
(Temporary Assistance to Needy Families/TANF)                                   570-621-3000

This federally funded cash welfare program is intended to provide cash assistance and other supports to pregnant women and families with children under the age of eighteen (18).  TANF requirements emphasize personal responsibility in moving from welfare to work and provide support for this transition.  There are specific work requirements and a sixty (60) month lifetime limit.

Program Name: Medicaid                                                              Contact: Help Desk

There are a variety of Medicaid programs with differing requirements and benefit levels to meet the needs of Schuylkill County residents.  Coverage varies depending on program and age eligibility.  Income and resources limits must be met with the exception of resources of households with members under twenty-one (21).

Program Name: Skilled Nursing Care                                         Contact: Ann Marie  Miller

Monthly payments to help meet the cost of nursing home care are made for individuals who meet the income and resource levels.  There are some provisions to protect the income and resources of the spouse still in the community.

Program Name: Emergency Shelter Assistance                    Contact: Gary Brassington

Schuylkill County Assistance Office makes cash payments to those eligible to help meet emergency problems causing an inability to meet housing costs.  This aid is meant to prevent eviction, and help obtain housing in an emergency or secure temporary shelter.  Help is available to both Public Assistance, and non-Public Assistance households.

Program Name: General Assistance                     Contact: Michael Glore/ Vicki Shaffer
                                                                                                     570-621-3049/ 621-3018

This cash welfare program is funded entirely by the Commonwealth of PA. GA provides help to some citizens who are not eligible for TANF.  Most general assistance recipients are either temporarily or permanently unemployable due to health problems.  It is not time limited.  Caseworkers help clients find solutions for temporary conditions and plan for their future after their need for welfare ends.  Individuals with permanently disabling conditions are encouraged and supported in their efforts to obtain financial help through the Social Security Administration and other income sources.

Program Name: Special Pharmaceutical                         Contact: Howard Mitchell
                               Benefit Program                                                       570-621-3025

Information and application forms are available at Schuylkill CAO for this program, which is administered by the Department of Public Welfare in Harrisburg.  The cost of drugs used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS is met through this resource.

Program Name: Road to Economic Self-Sufficiency through Employment and Training 
                             (RESET)                 Contact: Michael Glore/ Vicki Shaffer

RESET is designed to enable recipients of Cash Assistance, within the constraints of available funds, to secure permanent full-time jobs that can establish a work history with wages and benefits that lead to economic independence and self-sufficiency.  As a condition of eligibility for cash assistance every individual who is not exempt must seek employment, accept any bona fide offer of employment, and maintain employment and earnings. Those who do not comply with RESET without good cause may be sanctioned.

Special Allowances for supportive services are available to clients who are enrolled in RESET, have an approved Agreement of Mutual Responsibility Form, and are actively

participating in an approved activity in order to enable them to accept or continue employment. Special Allowances may be authorized for items such as child care, transportation, automobile-related expenses, clothing, tools, equipment, books and supplies as well as test fees and registration fees.  Some allowances are also provided to food stamp recipients under certain circumstances.

Program Name: State Blind Pension                            Contact: Help Desk
                                                                                                Caseworker 570-621-3000

The Commonwealth provides Blind Pension benefits for certain residents of Pennsylvania who meet visual requirements and other conditions of eligibility.  The maximum SBP payment is one hundred dollars ($100.00) monthly and includes receipt of some Medicaid benefits.


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