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Homeownership Program

Owning a home is the "American Dream" for many residents of Schuylkill County. Unfortunately, rising real estate prices, inflation, and lack of savings for down payment and closing costs have made that dream seem unrealistic to many. But thanks to the Schuylkill County Homeownership Program, sponsored by Schuylkill Community Action, this dream can become a reality for you and your family.
  • The Homeownership Program enables individuals and families with low-to-moderate incomes to purchase newly constructed homes within Schuylkill County at a price that is very affordable.
  • The Homeownership Program also provides future homebuyers with training to prepare them for homeownership. Providing the new homebuyer with the knowledge of all phases of the home purchase will enable them to make educated decisions.
  • In conjunction with the Homeownership Program, a grant of up to $1,000 is available to help with closing costs when you purchase a home through this Program.
  • All homes meet or exceed the requirements as set forth by the Uniform Construction Code.
    Eligibility Requirements
    1. The borrower must occupy the home as their primary residence upon transfer of the property.
    2. Household income may not exceed 80% of the median income for the County of Schuylkill, adjusted for family size, as published by HUD and listed in this brochure.
    3. Client must complete the Schuylkill County Community Homebuyer Classes.
    4. The client must meet standard mortgage underwriting qualifications including employment background, debt ratios, down payment, deposit requirements, and credit history.
    Section 8 Income Limits
    As of 3/6/15

    Family Size  
    1 $33,150
    2 $37,850
    3 $42,600
    4 $47,300
    5 $51,100
    6 $54,900
    This Program is Made Possible By:
    *   US HUD
    *   PA DCED

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    SCA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer

    SCA is firmly committed to the provision of assistance regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, military status, sexual orientation, or marital/family status.


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